Safety and Compliance

All of our human resources services for CDL drivers are in compliance with DOT, EEOC, ADA, immigration laws and other relevant regulations.

Safety and Compliance

FasTrack understands how important safety regulations, your own safety policies, and driver compliance is for your business. We offer safety and human resources services which keep your drivers in compliance without requiring you hire new staff or develop new policies to manage them. That includes drug testing before, during, and after hiring, plus development of custom safety policies and safety training at your own site.

All of our human resources services for CDL drivers are in compliance with DOT, EEOC, ADA, immigration laws and other relevant regulations.

All of your employees need a guide to their position, to set clear expectations and to guide them through any challenging elements of their work. The same is true for drivers. When you don’t have the time or the experience to develop policies for your drivers, we can create custom manuals, policies and procedures for you. We use our knowledge of and experience with the shipping industry and human resources requirements to create policies that are custom-tailored for your business

Drug and alcohol reporting is one of the most essential processes for the safety of your drivers, your business and the public at large. However, it is also the process that is most bogged down in paperwork and that falls under some of the most stringent regulations. We are familiar with how to do drug and alcohol testing legally and efficiently for your business. 

Our drug and alcohol testing program follows DOT defined procedures at certified laboratories. I meet the regulatory requirements of 49 CFR Parts 382 and 40. We offer FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Reporting. 

We conduct substance abuse testing:

  • Pre-employment 
  • Post accident 
  • Due to reasonable suspicion 
  • At random 

Reach out to us to discuss any concerns you have with drug and alcohol testing of your candidates or your drivers. 

We offer annual driver reviews to give you clear feedback on the performance of your drivers, and to give the drivers themselves valuable feedback that they can improve with. We also offer:

  • Driver file maintenance
  • Driver pull notice program
  • Driver criminal background checks
  • Hours of service monitoring

An important element of safety training is that it be done on your site, where your drivers will be picking up their truck and dropping it off. We offer convenient safety training at your site where it is easy for drivers to get to and simple for you to oversee. Dedicated training is essential to ensure that drivers understand what they need to do to keep themselves and others safe while they are on the job. But, you do not need to put time and resources into developing your own training program, we can do that for you.

Drivers get injured, which is why you have workers’ compensation insurance. Handling the claims process can be challenging and take up valuable staff time. We can handle the workers’ compensation reporting and claims process for your business and ensure that it is handled responsibly.

If you have other concerns about the safety of your drivers or any of the human resources services that we offer, reach out today.