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We help businesses in all industries find the CDL drivers that they need.

Running a business has lot of moving parts that require your constant attention. Finding excellent and safe CDL drivers can be removed from your full plate when you use FasTrack. FasTrack offers top notch CDL staffing in Florida to pair businesses up with their ideal driver. Your CDL drivers are responsible for propelling your business forward. Do not take time away from your other responsibilities to find drivers. FasTrack can link you up with experienced CDL drivers today.

Sometimes businesses think they have a great CDL driver only to find that the driver is sacrificing safety for speed. When FasTrak recruits CDL drivers in Florida, we are actively looking the safest and most efficient. You need to focus on running your business and cannot be blindsided by a traffic collision or an avoidable delay. Use FasTrak for CDL staffing in Florida and you can rest assured that you have the most qualified driver on the road. 

Why Choose a CDL Driver Staffing Agency?

For the best CDL staffing in Florida, look no further than FasTrak. Business owners have so much to consider when it comes to running business. Rather than spending hours combing through resumes and interviews, FasTrack can pair your business with an amazing driver who puts safety and efficiency first. You can trust that FasTrack is going to find your the perfect driver quickly because we are constantly screening individuals who are ready to work. Additionally, we take care of the hiring process for you. You will have a qualified driver who is ready to work when you need it. Below you will find all the pieces of the hiring process that FasTrack takes care of for you.


Drug testing and reporting that meets regulations

Annual driver reviews

Custom employee manuals

Safety training at your site

Workers’ compensation reporting and claims management

Compliance with DOT, EEOC, ADA, Immigration laws

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Looking for CDL Driver Jobs in Florida?

As a driver, you have options when it comes to CDL staffing in Florida. Qualified drivers are in high demand, so what can FasTrack offer you that others cannot? We do not view you as a number to be placed on a random job. We think of ourselves as a partner for both businesses and drivers. 

  • Options For Drivers: Some drivers like to have a set routine with similar jobs and similar routes. Other drivers prefer to switch it up and discover new routes and new adventures along the way. FasTrack works with drivers and businesses to find the right match. That means drivers have the flexibility to balance their work life as they see fit.
  • Long-term partnership: We want to help you grow professionally in whatever way that looks for you. We work with our drivers to constantly improve our process and pride ourselves on a high retention.
  • Satisfied Drivers: With so many companies to work with, we know that the best and most qualified drivers have their pick of who they want to work with. FasTrack wants to grow with you and keep our partnership going, so we put a huge emphasis on making sure our drivers are satisfied.

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