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We help businesses in all industries find the CDL drivers that they need.

Whether you need to make deliveries or receive them, you need CDL drivers who are up to the task of staying safe while also meeting strict deadlines. FasTrack can connect you with the drivers who are experienced in your industry or with the right equipment to get your specific delivery done. We can connect you with drivers who take their job seriously, understand their impact on the team as a whole, and work safely without sacrificing their efficiency. In California, Florida, or other states, you can find our drivers doing the transport work that everyone needs.

Your business can’t afford delays, accidents, or fines from breaking safety regulations or mishandled and damaged payloads. Whether FTL, PTL, driving a flatbed or operating other equipment, your driver needs to act with precision and caution, while making great time. Great drivers who have years of relevant experience and the best new drivers who are excited to learn are out there—but they can be hard to find. Get on the FasTrack to hiring the best. Choose us.

Why Choose a CDL Driver Staffing Agency?

When you envisioned your role at your company, you probably didn’t consider finding truck drivers to be the most essential skill. So why not outsource that work to professionals who are used to attracting, assessing and even managing the best CDL drivers out there? FasTrack will do the hard work of getting applications from the best people, sifting through their qualifications, and recommending the very best matches for you. 

FasTrack is also more than a simple driver staffing agency. We offer the human resource services that you may not necessarily have the staff or expertise for, but are essential to make your business run as smoothly as possible. Our human resource services include.

We offer the services that you need to provide a safe working environment for your drivers and everyone else.

Drug testing and reporting that meets regulations

Annual driver reviews

Custom employee manuals

Safety training at your site

Workers’ compensation reporting and claims management

Compliance with DOT, EEOC, ADA, Immigration laws

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About FasTrack

There are a lot of staffing agencies out there, even in the world of shipping and transportation. Still, there are many reasons to choose FasTrack over the competition, including:

  • Personal touch: No two payloads are quite the same. Chances are, you need something a little different from your driver than another company would want, whether it is experience in your industry, experience with your specific transport equipment, or the right soft skills to fit in with your team. At FasTrack we have options for you, from drivers who are independent problem solvers to those who are great at working with dispatchers and keeping a positive attitude.
  • Long-term partnership: We want to be the staffing agency that you keep turning to as you grow. That’s why we consider it our job to find you the candidates who will help your business succeed, reduce your turnover, and make you happy that you chose us. We find you the best candidates for your unique needs.
  • Exceptional candidates: At the end of the day, it’s the quality of driver that we can bring to you that matters. FasTrack is committed to making sure that your new drivers meet your needs and can deliver what you need, when. The right fit includes making sure the driver is happy with your company too—because nothing reduces turnover and gets goods delivered better than a truly satisfied driver.

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