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About FasTrack Solutions, Inc.

FasTrack is a rapidly growing CDL driver staffing agency with strong roots in California and Florida. We have a highly experienced and dedicated team that takes the long-term into account with every application we forward and every job we fill. We want all of our clients to get the drivers that will best support their business and lead to their success. 

We are the agency dedicated to getting drivers and businesses on the FasTrack to timely and safe deliveries of any goods. With a wide range of experience in different industries and connections to major employers, working with us is a benefit to businesses and drivers alike.  

Why Drivers Choose FasTrack

When you’re making deliveries, there are competing needs of time, safety, and compliance. You need to operate equipment with precision to protect your payload, navigate unusual areas and meet your timeline.

Your skills should be rewarded with a career with fair compensation, the opportunity to learn, and to be a part of a healthy team that values your efforts.

At FasTrack we can help you find it. We treat every driver whose application we receive as an individual who matters and who might just be the perfect candidate that one of our clients is looking for.

To get access to jobs that aren’t posted elsewhere, apply with us today.

Why Businesses Choose FasTrack 

You may need to complete deliveries even when you’re not in the shipping and transport industries. That can make for challenges because you may not know how to attract the best drivers or choose the applicants who will be right for your organization.

Once hired, you may not have the human resources staff or skills in order to manage your drivers, especially considering how regulated important safety policies and functions (like substance abuse testing) are in the industry. 

This is where FasTrack steps in. We can attract the best CDL drivers and those with experience in your industry. We have the experience to advise you as to which applicants may be the best for your position and include important metrics like pre-hiring drug and alcohol testing.

We continue our support the entire time your driver is employed, with the key human resource services that you need. 

Contact FasTrack 

The team at FasTrack values your time and responds to your message as soon as possible. Whether you’re a driver looking to make an application or a business that is considering hiring drivers, reach out to us today and we can guide you. 

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