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FasTrack is your premier CDL driver staffing agency, helping the best drivers and businesses start working together to deliver or receive goods in California, Florida and elsewhere. 

When it comes to delivery, speed is everything. As a CDL Driver Staffing Agency, we know that the most skilled drivers can get goods delivered on time and in proper condition, while abiding by the safety regulations they need to protect themselves, their payload, and others on the road. Those quality drivers want to be employed by the top-tier companies who will value their work. At FasTrack, we connect them–for everyone’s benefit. 

Whether you’re a business that needs a delivery completed or you’re a driver who needs to advance their career, we can help. We also offer businesses the human resources services they need to make employing great drivers a lot easier, from safety training at your site to drug testing that is in full compliance with regulations. Learn more about how to get on the FasTrack. 

The FasTrack for Drivers

The right employer will value the passion that you bring to your job.

Your license is valuable, and your skills are too. Put them to the best use by working for the best employers. That includes those who value talent, offer opportunities for newer drivers to learn, and the flexibility that you need to keep your work-life balance stable. There are employers who know that offering great compensation and a strong working environment make their whole business better. They offer the kinds of jobs that you’ll want to be at for the long term.

FasTrack works with some of the nation’s leading LTL carriers, third party logistics companies, hire carriers and more. Get your career on the FasTrack by joining them. You don’t have to scroll through hundreds of job postings to find the opportunity that is right for you. We’re the CDL Driver Staffing Agency that can find the best jobs for you.

image of a semi truck driving in the rain piloted with a new hire for a cdl driver jobs from fastrack

We find some of the best opportunities available for:

CDL Drivers

Skilled Trades



Light Industrial


Get your career on the FasTrack and reach out to us today

The FasTrack for Finding CDL Talent

We attract the best drivers so that you don’t have to. 

An ideal driver for your company is someone who is properly licensed, diligent, skilled, and a great team player. You also need to consider that your company has unique needs, including making job site deliveries, operating equipment to move unusual goods, or something else. Whatever you need from a driver, there are skilled people out there who can get it done. So, why are they so hard to find? 

As a leading CDL Driver Staffing Agency, we have unique techniques to attract the best drivers and match them with employment opportunities where they will be happy and committed. You can get the drivers you’re looking for, reduce your turnover and improve the processes of your business when you work with us. 

We can translate what you need in an employee into what you should look for in your dream candidate, and then connect you with drivers who fit the bill. We’ll get you on the FasTrack to making your business more successful with the right drivers.

We offer complete D.O.T. compliance, 24/7 dispatch and the human resource functions that you need to succeed. 

We Can Help You Find

Boom Truck Drivers

Casual Drivers

Driver Away Drivers

Dry Van Drivers

Dump Truck Drivers

Flatbed Steel Drivers

HAZMAT Drivers

Line Haul Drivers

LTL Drivers

Non-CDL Drivers

P&D Drivers

Regional Drivers

Small Engine Mechanics

Vac Truck Drivers

And More

Why FasTrack Solutions, Inc.?

Offering the best candidate for your deliveries is only the beginning of what we offer at FasTrack.

We provide human resources services which make employing the best simple and help provide a supportive and safe working environment for our drivers. Employers will be most interested in our annual driver reviews that help assess performance and keep employees motivated to grow. Drivers will be most interested in our custom policies and procedures in our employee manuals that guide drivers through their roles and responsibilities.

We Offer


Compliance with DOT, EEOC, ADA and immigration laws 

Pull Notice

Driver pull notice program

File Maintenance

Driver file maintenance

Background Check

Driver criminal background check

Hours Monitoring

Hours of service monitoring

Safety Training

Safety training at your site

Workers Comp

Workers’ compensation reporting and claims

Drug Testing

Drug testing in compliance with regulatory requirements (49 CFR, Parts 382 and 40) on pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident and random.


FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Reporting

Choose FasTrack as Your CLD Driver Staffing Agency

For drivers and businesses, we offer the FasTrack to better deliveries and better work. When you’re on the FasTrack you’ll have support from leading staffing experts who truly care about pairing the right employers and employees and offering the human resource support that makes employment convenient, safe and secure for everyone.